Pigeon Forge is Full of attractions!. As you are driving you will probably see more Go Karts places than you can count with your fingers. So, Which one do you pick?

Let’s talk about Ripley’s Super Fun Park!. Picture the fresh mountain air as you speed around and race each other in the multi-level go-kart track, or the smiles on your kiddos faces as they race through the Kiddie and Rookie tracks.

In this guide, we give you all the info and everything you need to make the most of your visit!

Ripley’s Super Fun Park Location & Hours Of Operation

4061 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863

Operational HoursOpen TimeClose Time
Weather Permitting10 AM8 PM

Always Double Check On Their Website Before Your Visit.

How Much Are Ripley’s Super Fun Park Tickets?

Ticket & Hight DurationPrice
(54″ & Up)
One hour unlimited rides$29.99
(36″ – 53″)
One hour unlimited rides$19.99
(54″ & Up)
Two hours unlimited rides$34.99
(36″ – 53″)
Two hours unlimited rides$24.99

Prices can change throughout the year. Always check for updated pricing before your visit.

Benefit Of Online Ticket Purchase

If you are planning ahead, Try to buy your tickets online. That way, you can skip the ticket line once you get there,  but you might also save some money!. Keep an eye out for online deals and bundled packages.

No printer? No problem! They Can Scan Your Tickets From Your Phone!

Does Ripley’s Super Fun Park Offer Any Discounts?

Yes, They Do! If you want to go beyond the Super Fun Park experience, Ripley’s offers Combo Passes. The more attractions you buy at one time, the more you save. If you are only in the area for a few days and can’t visit all of the attractions – don’t worry, you can still use your tickets next time.

Tickets are valid for one year from date of purchase and Reservations are not required. 

Take Advantage of Combo Passes To Maximize Your Savings!

Promotion TypePotential Combo Savings
Aquarium +2 other attractionsSAVE $25!
Aquarium +3 other attractionsSAVE $35!
Aquarium +4 other attractionsSAVE $45!
Aquarium +5 other attractionsSAVE $55!
Aquarium +6 other attractionsSAVE $65!
Aquarium +7 other attractionsSAVE $75!
Aquarium +10 other attractionsSAVE $115!

What Attractions Can You Find At The Ripley’s Super Fun Park?


Ripley’s Super Fun Park has the thrill of go-karting with tracks for different ages and skill levels. Strap into a single or double kart and hit the gas for nonstop fun!

Elevated Track – Adult Track

The excitement isn’t limited to the younger crowd, Adults can join the adventure on the biggest and longest, multi-level track. It has single or double karts so you can ride with your youngest kiddos.

Sidewinder – Flat Track Experience

The small Flat Track course provides a straightforward racing experience, making it ideal for those who are new to go-karting. It also has single or double karts so you can ride together.

Rookie Tracks

 Rookie Tracks—perfect for older kiddos who want to ride on their own but can’t on the adult track yet.

Kiddie Track

The Kiddie tracks are for the youngest racers in the family.
The Go Karts are even smaller and slower than the ones on Rookie tracks, but your kiddo will have a blast!. They also get to ride on their own!.

Blaster Boats

Blaster Boats Adventure

During the summer months, you can try the Blaster Boats!
Each “bumper boat” has water cannons for a little friendly battle – so you will get soaked! 


Classic Carousel

This classic attraction never fails to put a smile on your face and kiddos always love to go on it. All the animals move up and down to the music & lights. There is also a seat that doesn’t move.


10,000-Square-Foot Arcade

Step into the gaming realm at Ripley’s Super Fun Park’s Arcade!
The arcade has a variety of classic and new games that caters to every gaming preference.

Keep in mind that the one or two-hour tickets that cover all the other park attractions won’t work for the arcade. The arcade is a play-as-you-go attraction.

What are Ripley’s Super Fun Park Ride Height Requirements

Go-Kart Height Requirements

Ride/TrackMinimum Height (inches)Maximum Height (inches)
Adult Multi-Level Track57 
Adult Flat Track55 
Rookie Kart4855
Kiddie Kart4348

Water Blaster Height Requirements

Ride/TrackMinimum Height (inches)Maximum Height (inches)
Water Blaster Boats (Solo)45 
Water Blaster Boats (With Adult)43 

Enjoy, Have Fun and Make Awesome Memories Together!.

Did you visit The Super Fun Park?
How was your experience?

Share with us in the comments!.

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