If you’re a 2024 Dollywood Pass holder, get ready for a season filled with excitement and unforgettable moments. And thanks to the “Bring-A-Friend” pass, you can take your family and friends with you for a day full of fun!.

There is not a lot of information out there about Dollywood’s Bring A Friend Tickets and if you are planning a trip, you normally have questions. We have you covered!

Let’s go over the most frequently asked questions about the “Bring A Friend” Ticket at Dollywood, like How it works, How many tickets can you use in one visit, Block out dates and more!

Make The Most Of Your Dollywood Vacation With Our Step-by-Step Planning Guide!

How Does The 2024 Bring-A-Friend Free ticket at Dollywood Work?

If you have any of Dollywood’s 2024 season passes, one of your benefits is that you get free BAF ( bring a friend) tickets!. The amount you get depends on which pass you have but don’t worry, we go over that later. 

Using your BAF tickets is really easy. You log into your Dollywood Passholder account – either on the app or the computer, and under “My Tickets & Passes” you will find your “entitlements“. The BAF tickets will be right there.

You can show the tickets on your phone or print them out and show them to the host to scan. Two-Park passholders can use their Bring-A-Friend Free tickets at either Dollywood or Dollywood’s Splash Country. Keep in mind that the entire party has to be together when you scan your tickets.

( the Passholder has to be there with the Friends for them to be able to use the free tickets. )

How Many Bring A Friend Passes Can You Use at Dollywood?

The number of passes you get depends on the type of Dollywood season pass you have.
(Each passholder gets BAF tickets, so if 4 people in your family have the Diamond Pass, you get 16 BAF tickets all together!.)

Here’s a breakdown for the 2024 season:

Diamond PassHolders

If you have a Diamond pass, You’ll receive four (4) “Bring-A-Friend” tickets with No blackout dates.

Gold PassHolders

If you have a Gold pass, You’ll receive One (1) “Bring-A-Friend” ticket with No blackout dates.

Silver PassHolders

If you have a Silver pass, You’ll receive one (1) “Bring-A-Friend” ticket with blackout dates (more on that below)

Can You Use More Than One Bring-A-Friend Ticket in the Same Visit?

Great news – there’s no limit on how many of these tickets you can use during a single visit to the park!. Passholders can use as many Bring-A-Friend Free tickets as they want during their visit. (If you have 4 BAF tickets, you can use them all at once on the same visit.)

Once the Bring-A-Friend Free ticket has been scanned, it cannot be used again and you will not get more for the season. Remember that the Passholder has to be present with the Bring-A-Friend ticket holder when using these tickets. This means that you can’t just hand off your tickets to your friends and have them go to the park without you.

What Are the Blackout Dates for Bring-A-Friend Tickets?

if you have a Silver pass, there are some blackout dates to keep in mind.
These blackout dates are specific to Silver passholders and may affect when you can use your Bring-A-Friend tickets.

( Child Silver Passes Do Not have Blackout Dates )

2024 Silver Pass Blackout Dates For BAF Tickets.
March 24 – April 7
September 29 – October 13
November 29 – January 5
All Fridays and Saturdays

During these blackout dates, Silver passholders won’t be able to use their Bring-A-Friend tickets. So, if you’re a Silver passholder planning to invite your friends or family to Dollywood, be sure to check the calendar and avoid these dates.

Can You Turn A Bring A Friend Ticket Into A Season Pass?

While You can’t trade your Bring-A-Friend ticket for a Dollywood season pass, you do get a $10 discount if you decide to buy a season pass that day. 

Make The Most Of Your Dollywood Vacation With Our Step-by-Step Planning Guide!

Hopefully this post cleared up any questions you had about Dollywood’s Bring A Friend Ticket.

As always, let us know if you have any questions. We will try our best to help!.

Have you ever used Dollywood’s BAF tickets? How was your experience. Share with us in the Comments.

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  1. Can you turn a BAF ticket into a two-day ticket once in the park?

    1. Hi Cami, unfortunately, you can’t. The only thing you can do with your BAF ticket is $10 off towards a season pass.

  2. Gay Saucier says:

    Do any blackout dates apply to gold season passes? How many BAF passes do I have with two gold season passes? Are children BAF passes the same as adult?

    1. There are no blackout dates for Gold Passes. For the 2024 season , you only get 1 BAF per pass. So you would have 2 bring a friend passes.

      If the child’s ticket is a gold pass, then the BAF pass is the same. They would also get 1.

  3. Natiasha Brown says:

    If I have 2 Childs Silver Passes can they bring an ADULT friend and is there an blackout date on that?

    1. Hi, Yes you can use your Child’s BAF passes for Adults. A Child’s Silver Pass does not have blackout dates, but the BAF passes do.

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