Who is up for a little friendly family competition? As a mama of three energetic kiddos of different ages, I’m always on the lookout for attractions that can keep the whole crew entertained, and the Demolition Derby is perfect!. This is a classic bumper car ride that is fun for the whole family.

What is Like To Ride Dollywood’s Demolition Derby? ( Review )

You will see the colorful sign for Demolition Derby as you walk into the Country Fair area of Dollywood. My Son absolutely loves this attraction, we probably go on this about 3 or 4 times in a row!. As soon as its your turn to board, you will walk inside the rink, and choose any car. 2 people can ride per bumper car, so if you have a small kiddo, they can ride with you. Everyone gets checked for safety, and then you are off!.

Kids love this ride because this is the one time they can actually bump people and not get in trouble. You are supposed to go around in a circle but keep an eye out in every direction because the next car could come out of nowhere and bump you!. It’s really fun and everyone will be laughing for sure.

What are the Requirements to Ride Demolition Derby?

Height requirement

This ride does have height restrictions. The minimum height requirement for Demolition Derby is 42 inches to ride and 48 inches to drive. If your Kiddo is under 48 inches, they must ride with someone 14 years or older.

Personal belongings

It might be a good idea to keep loose articles such as hats, sunglasses, and phones with a non rider or in a locker.

Health conditions

Pregnant Mamas and riders with certain health conditions such as heart problems, neck or back issues, or motion sickness may want to skip this ride. It could worsen pre existing conditions.

Age restrictions

There are no specific Age restrictions for Demolition Derby.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How Long Does Demolition Derby Last?

Demolition Derby Usually Lasts around 2 Minutes.

Do I Need To Pay Extra To Ride Demolition Derby?

Demolition Derby is Included in Your admission to Dollywood.
You don’t Need to Pay any additional Fees To Enjoy This attraction Once You’re Inside The Park.

Can Adults Ride The Demolition Derby Too?

Absolutely! The Demolition Derby is Fun For The Entire Family.
Parents Can Join In The Fun and Ride alongside Their Kids.

How Long is The Typical Wait Time For The Demolition Derby?

Wait Times Can Vary Depending On The Day and Time of Year.
Expect a Wait Time of around 7 -12 Minutes .

Enjoy and make awesome memories together, have fun!.
Did you and your family go on Demolition Derby? Share your adventure with us in the comments!.

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