Hey there! If you are looking for a coaster for your littlest thrill seekers that are not old enough for the bigger coasters, or if you are just introducing them to roller coasters, take them on the Whistle Punk Chaser at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN!. It is a short junior coaster with no drops or intense movements, and it only goes 16 mph.

Dollywood Whistle Punk Chaser

comparison of the Whistle Punk Chaser to other Dollywood coasters

Lightning Rod48”73
Tennessee Tornado48”70
Wild Eagle50”60
Big Bear Mountain39”48
Mystery Mine48”45
FireChaser Express39”35
Blazing Fury42”22
Whistle Punk Chaser3616

What’s it like to Ride Dollywood Whistle Punk Chaser?

As you walk up to the Whistle Punk Chaser, you will notice the sign with the name and some info about what a Whistle Punk is. Not only that, but you can actually pull the whistle and try to send the messages on the sign!, its really fun for the little ones.

The line is not long and it normally moves pretty quick. After you hop on the orange coaster, you will be seated 2 per row and it takes 12 riders per train. Once they check everyone for safety you are off! The really cool part about this ride is that since its short, it goes around 3 times!.

As soon as the ride starts, you slowly go up a little hill and then right onto twists and turns! Be sure to listen for the whistle as you zoom by Willy’s whistles cart. This really is the perfect coaster for the little ones who are ready to try thrilling rides, and everyone can go together!.

How Intense is the Whistle Punk Chaser Roller Coaster at Dollywood?

Since the Whistle Punk Chaser Roller Coaster caters specifically to the little thrill seekers, it is not intense at all. This coaster is perfect for the kiddos who are too small for the more intense rides in the park, or those who are just starting to go on coasters. 

How Fast Does Dollywood Whistle Punk Chaser Go?

Since this coaster was specifically made for the little ones, it has top speeds of around 16 miles per hour.

How Tall is the Whistle Punk Chaser at Dollywood?

This coaster is 14ft tall making it perfect and not so scary for little thrill seekers!.

How long is the Whistle Punk Chaser Roller Coaster?

The Whistle Punk coaster is 263ft, but since it is a short ride, it takes you around the tracks 3 times.

Where is the Whistle Punk Chaser located in Dollywood?

The Whistle Punk Chaser coaster is located in the Timber Canyon section of the park. It is basically next to Thunderhead roller coaster and Drop Line. While you wait for the rest of the family to ride those, you can take the little ones to this fun coaster.

If you need to find where the rides are located in the park, you can download the Dollywood app. It shows you current wait times and there is a ” Get Directions” button on each ride. You can press on it and if you have your location services on, it will give you directions from where you are currently standing to the ride you want to get to.

What are the Requirements to Ride The Whistle Punk Chaser?

Height Requirement:

This coaster does have height restrictions. The minimum height requirement for the Whistle Punk Chaser coaster is 36 inches. If your kiddo is under 42 in. they must be accompanied by someone 14 or older.  It does not have a max height requirement. 

Health Conditions :

Pregnant Mamas and Riders with certain health conditions such as heart problems, neck or back issues, or motion sickness may want to skip this coaster. It could worsen pre existing conditions.

Age Restrictions :

There is no specific age restriction for the Whistle Punk Chaser roller coaster. Its a Family friendly attraction. 

The Whistle Punk Chaser is a great short ride for the younger kiddos. If they are not ready for the bigger coasters just yet, or are just starting out going on roller coasters, it is the perfect coaster to take them on.
It is not intense at all, its on the slower side and since it is a really short ride, it goes around the tracks 3 times. Enjoy and have fun making awesome memories together!

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