In recent years, there’s been debates going around about Dollywood’s Souvenir Mugs.
The question is simple: Are Dollywood’s Souvenir Mugs really worth it?

Whether the souvenir mugs are a good deal for you really depends on your family and situation.

What Are The Different Mug Options?

Dollywood has two types of souvenir mugs

Mug TypePrice (at the time of writing)
All-Season Mug$31.99
Daily Refill Souvenir Mug$16.99

All-Season Mug

The All-Season Mug is an excellent choice if you visit Dollywood/Splash Country frequently.

For a one time fee of $31.99 (at the time of this writing) The All-Season Mug provides unlimited free refills of fountain drinks and Frozen drinks can be purchased for $2.99 plus tax at Dollywood, Splash Country Water Park and both the DreamMore Resort & Spa and the HeartSong Lodge & Resort for the entire operating season!. 

Daily Refill Souvenir Mug

If you are visiting for one day, the daily mug is the best choice. With this mug, you get free refills the whole day you purchase it.

If you visit again another day it lets you get fountain drink refills for just $1.99 plus tax and Frozen drinks for $2.99 plus tax.(for the current operating season). The Daily Refill Mug costs $16.99 (at the time of this writing) making it more affordable for families.

Where Are They Accepted?

Both the All-Season Mug and the Daily Refill Souvenir Mug are accepted at Dollywood and at Dollywood’s Splash Country, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort & Spa and the HeartSong Lodge & Resort for the entire operating season.

Is A Souvenir Mug At Dollywood Worth It?

It is a tough question when you are considering how often you will actually use it and if it’s worth it for the price. My personal answer – Yes! Totally worth it for us.

Cost Saving Benefits

One of the main reasons you might get a souvenir mug at Dollywood is the cost saving benefits. Even though you have to pay upfront for the mug, you get all the free refills you want through out that day.

If you get the All-Season Mug,  you get free fountain drinks every time you visit for the entire operating season at Dollywood, Dollywood’s Splash Country, and both of Dollywood’s resorts.

Really Convenient With Kids or Large Groups

If you have kiddos, you know the struggles of taking one million snacks and drinks to the park with you. With the refillable mugs, its one less thing you have to worry about and since Strollers (which you probably are already taking if you have younger kids) come with cup holders, it makes it easy to store the mugs.

When you have a larger group to keep hydrated, especially on hot summer days, the practicality of souvenir mugs and all the free refills outweighs the minor inconvenience of carrying them.

Its Also A Souvenir From Your Trip

After you go back home, you have a cute souvenir.
Did you know that they change the mugs designs every season?
If you visit Dollywood each year, you can start a fun collection.

Which Mug Option Is Best For You?

If you are a Passholder and visit Dollywood often or even if you don’t visit that often but plan on going to Dollywood more than once through the season, the All Season Mug is your best choice. Though the up front cost is expensive, it will more than make up for it through the season with unlimited free refills.

If you are on a tight budget or won’t be going back to Dollywood for the rest of the season, then the Daily Refill Mug is your best choice. At just $16.99 for the entire day of free refills its really affordable, especially since you won’t need to buy any other drinks for your visit.

You should skip buying the mugs if all you drink is water, Since the mugs are for fountain drink refills. You can get free cups of water at any of the restaurants in Dollywood.

You have to decide what is best for you and your family. But how often you visit the parks can play a big role.

Did You Buy a Souvenir Mug?
Was It Worth The Money To You?
Let Us know In The Comments!

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  1. Kendra Henderson says:

    The green mug from last year, can it be used again this year (2024) ???my email:

    1. Hi Kendra, according to Dollywood, you can’t re use the mug from last season. It becomes a souvenir. You would have to purchase a new one. Hope this helps!.

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