Step into the enchanting world of Wildwood Grove at Dolly Parton’s theme park, Dollywood and embark on a fun adventure aboard the Mad Mockingbird. This family friendly swing style carousel ride promises to elevate your spirits just like the playful mockingbirds that you might find in the Smoky Mountains. 

What’s it like to Ride Dollywood’s Mad Mockingbird?

No visit to Wildwood Grove is complete without a whirl on the Mad Mockingbird. As you walk up to the ride, the beautifully designed mockingbird-themed cars catch your eye with their vivid colors and attention to detail.

When its your turn to board, you take your place in one of these enchanting cars. The cars are suspended from above, swinging in a carousel fashion. As the ride takes off, you can see the surrounding Wildwood Grove attractions, including the iconic Wildwood Tree. You can control the movement of your Mockingbird too!

The Mad Mockingbird’s ride is swift and gentle, While the ride does achieve impressive heights, it’s not scary and everyone can ride together. After just over a minute of soaring excitement, the ride gracefully descends as the mockingbird cars return to the ground.

How intense is Dollywood’s Mad Mockingbird?

Since this is a family ride, The Mad Mockingbird has the perfect balance of excitement. This is a thrilling yet approachable adventure. I wouldn’t recommend getting on this ride if you or your kiddo gets motion sickness.

Requirements to Ride the Dollywood’s Mad Mockingbird

Height Requirement

There’s a minimum height requirement of 36 inches to ride the Mad Mockingbird, but kiddos under 48 inches must be accompanied by a person at least 14 years old.

Personal Belongings

There’s a minimum height requirement of 36 inches to ride the Mad Mockingbird, but kiddos under 48 inches must be accompanied by a person at least 14 years old.

Health Conditions

Pregnant Mamas and Riders with certain health conditions such as heart problems, neck or back issues, or motion sickness may want to skip this ride. This is because Mad Mockingbird could worsen pre existing conditions.


Due to the ride design, the ride vehicle may move while loading and unloading the Mad Mockingbird. Riders may need companion assistance transferring to the ride vehicle.

Age Restrictions

The Mad Mockingbird themed attraction does not have any specific age restrictions.

Limb Requirements, Amputations & Prosthetics

Riders with one amputated leg above the knee may ride provided the second leg extends below the knee.

Frequently asked Questions

Is The Mad Mockingbird Ride Suitable For All Ages?

Absolutely! The Mad Mockingbird Ride is designed with families in mind. It might be a little scary for the younger kiddos, but its perfect for the older kids and teens.

How Long Is The Mad Mockingbird Ride?

The ride is around 2 minutes. It’s the perfect amount of time for kiddos to ride, without making them antsy.

Can I Ride Mad Mockingbird if I Get Motion Sickness?

If you or a family member tend to get motion sickness, you might want to skip it. While the ride isn’t the most intense out there, it does involve spinning and quick movements.

Are There Any Interactive Elements On The Ride?

The Mad Mockingbird ride offers interactive elements. Riders can control the movement of their mockingbird using handlebars. This unique feature adds an extra layer of fun!.

Enjoy and make awesome memories together, have fun!.
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