If you love the feel of wooden coasters, you have to ride Thunderhead!. This thrilling ride has everything you love about a roller coaster. Top speeds of 55 miles per hour, a huge 100 foot drop, so many twists, turns and airtime hills, plus the nostalgic feel of a classic wooden roller coaster. It’s one of park goers favorite coaster, you can’t miss it!

Thunderhead Wooden Roller Coaster

Comparison of the Thunderhead to other Dollywood coasters.

Lightning Rod48”73
Tennessee Tornado48”70
Wild Eagle50”60
Big Bear Mountain39”48
Mystery Mine48”45
FireChaser Express39”35
Blazing Fury42”22
Whistle Punk Chaser36”16

What’s it like to Ride Dollywood’s Thunderhead Roller Coaster? (Review)

Get ready for a wooden coaster experience!. The Thunderhead is located in the Timber Canyon area of Dollywood. It is right before the Whistle Punk Chaser, which is a great junior coaster! If you have little ones and have to wait while the rest of the family rides the Thunderhead, this is a great option. Thunderhead does not have a themed queue. You basically wait in a line and once you make your way up the stairs, you are really close to riding!. Once you start boarding, you will be seated 2 per row. The Thunderhead has 12 cars per train for a total of 24 riders per train. After they check everyone for safety, you are off!

The moment Thunderhead takes off, your ride starts out by taking you around a turn to the right and then pulling you up a 100 foot hill. The wooden structure creaks beneath you, adding a touch of nostalgia. Once you reach the top, you go right back down at really high speeds!. Thunderhead doesn’t slow down during the whole ride and It has 22 accelerating turns! There are so many twists and curves that you will lose count before you make it back to the boarding station.

You might have a little headache after the ride, I did. That’s why I stick to One and done with this one. My teenager and husband could go 3 times in a row if you let them. The first time we went to Dollywood, we went on this coaster with our 9 year old at the time. Her ride experience was not so great. She did not like it, at all. She said it was rough and it gave her a headache. If you have sensitive kiddos too, this might be one for them to skip.

Insider Tip:

In the Spring and Fall seasons, there are bees and wasps flying around the top of this attraction during the warmest parts of the day. You might want to skip it during those times if you have a problem with these insects or if you are allergic.

How long is Thunderhead Roller Coaster at Dollywood?

Thunderhead Roller coaster actual ride time is about 2 minutes long! The track length for this coaster is 3,230′.

How Fast Does Thunderhead Roller Coaster Go?

Thunderhead is a pretty fast roller coaster, which makes it even more fun!. During the ride, you’ll be speeding through at up to 55 miles per hour. The combination of speed, the feel of the wooden track, and the intense twists and turns creates an unforgettable experience that will satisfy any thrill-seeker.

How Big is the Drop on the Thunderhead Roller Coaster?

The 100 foot drop on Thunderhead is an absolute thrill. You can almost feel your stomach drop as you go down at high speeds. Since it is a wooden coaster, that alone adds an extra element of excitement, giving you a classic coaster experience that’s nostalgic.

How Intense is the Thunderhead Roller Coaster?

Thunderhead is an impressive coaster, and it can be pretty intense ride. It mostly depends on what intense is to you, and personal tolerance. It generates 3.5 times the normal G-force, making it one wild ride!. From its 22 accelerating quick turns to 100-foot drop that will have your stomach in knots as you go down at 55 miles per hour , this coaster was made to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

This coaster is perfect to go with your bigger kiddos, but I would not take any child younger than 10 years old on it, unless they have been on intense coasters already and love them. That’s just my personal opinion and you know your kids best.

What are the Requirements to Ride Dollywood’s Thunderhead?

Height Requirement :

This coaster does have height restrictions. The minimum height requirement for the Thunderhead roller coaster is 48 inches tall. This is because the ride has high speeds and intense movements, and riders must be tall enough to safely secure the restraints. There is no max height requirement for this ride.

Personal Belongings:

Loose articles such as hats, sunglasses, and phones are not allowed on the Thunderhead due to safety reasons. They could fly off during the ride and become a danger to other riders. All of the rides that don’t allow loose articles have cubbies where you can store them safely until you get back.

Health Conditions :

Riders with certain health conditions such as heart problems, neck or back issues, or motion sickness may want to skip this coaster. This is because the Thunderhead has intense movements and high speeds, which could worsen pre existing conditions.

Age Restrictions :

There are no specific age restrictions for the Thunderhead but again, I don’t recommend taking any kiddo younger than 10 year old on it as it might be too intense for them, but you know your kids best!.

Riding Thunderhead is an exciting experience. if you or your teen are a roller coaster enthusiast, this is a must ride, especially if you love the nostalgic feeling of wooden roller coasters!. Its a great coaster for thrill seekers. Stay tuned for more thrilling insights and helpful tips to make your family visit to Dollywood theme parks and the surrounding areas unforgettable. Enjoy and make awesome memories together, have fun!

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