If you’ve ever visited Dolly Parton’s theme park, Dollywood during the warmer months, you know it can get pretty hot. Its essential to find ways to cool off on a hot summer day while having a blast with the family.

That’s where water rides come into play! There’s only 2 water rides at Dollywood Park ( not including the ones you find at Dollywood Splash Country Water Park ), Daredevil Falls and Smoky Mountain River Rampage.

In this guide, we give you an overview of each one. You also have the chance to dive deep, with tips, awesome pictures, and personal experiences that will take you right into the front seat of the action!

 Here is a list of both exciting water rides, where you can find them in the park and all the info you might need for each;

Dollywood Water Rides

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Bring My Swimwear For These Rides?

You could wear swimsuits under your clothes, but it’s not necessary. You just change clothes after if you don’t want to walk around in wet clothes. If you don’t want to get your clothes wet, I recommend taking a poncho on the ride.

Can I Bring My Phone On These Water Rides?

You can! We have done it many times. If you plan on taking your phone, you should consider buying a water proof phone case.
This is the one we use. Our phones have always stayed nice and dry.

What Should I Do With My Belongings While Riding ?

You can leave your things with a non rider. If everyone is riding together, Dollywood has lockers near the rides where you can store your belongings securely while you enjoy the water rides. 

Are Fast Pass Or Express Pass options available For These Water Rides?

Dollywood offers the TimeSaver Pass for shorter wait times.
 For the water rides, only Smoky Mountain River Rampage is available for the TimeSaver Pass.

Are These Water Rides Suitable For Young Children?

Both Daredevil Falls and Smoky Mountain River Rampage have height requirements, the littles adventurers might not be able to ride. If they make the height requirements, it all depends on your kiddos tolerance to these rides. Are they ok with drops and spinning?

If they can’t ride, there are plenty of other kid-friendly attractions and splash areas at Dollywood for them to enjoy.

Get ready to experience the joy, excitement, and pure magic of Dollywood. Have fun!

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