If you have kiddos, especially of different ages, you are probably wondering what are the rides they can go on? Will we be able to go on rides together? To make it a little easier for you to plan, I made this list and divided them into 3 different age categories, Toddlers, Preschoolers and School aged Children.

This is my opinion as a Mama myself. Every kiddo is different and It depends on their personal tolerance. A ride that might be ok for one 4 year old might not be for another. Your family can make a decision on which rides you go on together.

Tips: One really cool thing about Dollywood is that they have a Centralized Measuring station. Use it, its free! This will save you time later on through your day. Your kiddo will be measured by a friendly Dollywood Host and then given a color coded wristband. The wristband helps you identify which rides they will be able to ride. The color will match the color coded information on the signs at each ride in the park.

Another thing to know that can help you decide which rides to go on is that all rides have a symbols to signify their intensity. The highest thrill level is shown by a black diamond, a moderate thrill level by a blue square, and a green circle means its a mild thrill ride.

As promised, here is the list!

Best Rides For Toddlers
(1 to 3 years old)

Village Carousel

This ride will have you going back in time, it’s a classic the whole family can enjoy together. It has calming music and animals that move or some that don’t. Try to spot the lead horse that is lovingly referred to as “Dolly”, because it has a beautiful flowing blonde mane. No Height Requirements.

Dollywood Express

This train ride is fun for the whole family. You get to take a trip through the mountain foothills on a 110 ton coal fired steam engine. You will get to enjoy all the scenery and the magical feeling of going back in time. If you are going with the little ones,  sit towards the back to avoid soot. No Height Requirements.

Busy Bees

This is a great ride for toddlers who are a brave and want to fly. Its a slow , gentle ride and it moves in circles like the carousel. It also has the cutest song. The bees go up and down, adding to the fun!. No Height Requirements.

Lucky Ducky

Similar and right next to Busy Bees and Piggy parade, you have the lucky ducky ride.  You ride on duck boats, and it even has steering wheels! It goes slow and around like the carousel, but it does not go up and down or have any music. So if your little one is just starting to get on any ride, this one is perfect!. No Height Requirements.

Piggy Parade

Piggy Parade is just like Lucky Ducky, but you are riding in Piggies!. They make oinking sounds while you ride!. Another perfect ride for toddlers. No Height Requirements.

Frogs & Fireflies

This one is for the adventurous toddler! it’s spins around like the carousel but the frogs jump while the ride is spinning too!.  No Height Requirements.

Best Rides For Preschoolers
(3 to 5 years old)

The Whistle Punk Chaser

This junior roller coaster is great for the littlest thrill seekers who are just starting to get on “faster rides”. Minimum Height Requirement.

Rockin’ Roadway

If you have a car loving kid, this one is for you! They get to drive a classic Corvette, Thunderbird or Cadillac. They will love riding along a country road set in the 1950s, listening to music and honking the horn!. This ride is great for the whole family to ride together!. No Height Requirement.

The Mad Mockingbird

If you have a car loving kid, this one is for you! They get to drive a classic Corvette, Thunderbird or Cadillac. They will love riding along a country road set in the 1950s, listening to music and honking the horn!. This ride is great for the whole family to ride together!. No Height Requirement.

Black Bear Trail

This ride is a hit with our youngest! Its simple but so much fun for them. You hop on the back of a friendly bear and ride along the beautiful backwoods.  This is great for smaller kids since they can ride with an adult. Once they reach 42″ they can ride on their own. Minimum Height Requirement.

Treetop Tower

This ride is so much fun and the whole family can go. You get to sit inside an acorn. It takes you high up so you can see beautiful views! No Height Requirement.

Lemon Twist

This is a spinning ride and depending on how fast you make it spin, can leave you really dizzy!. You will sit inside lemon cups, and they spin on their own but really slow, unless you make them go faster. No Height Requirement.

The Amazing Flying Elephants

Kids love this ride. You get to sit inside circus elephants that take you high up on a flying adventure. You get to control the elephant and make them fly up or down!. No Height Requirement.

Best Rides for School Aged Children
( 5 to 12 years old )

FireChaser Express

This family friendly roller coaster is a hit with kids and adults. It has exciting twists and turns, but it’s not too intense for the younger kiddos who want to ride something a little more thrilling than a junior coaster. Minimum Height Requirement.

The Dragonflier

This suspended roller coaster is great for the older kids who want something thrilling and faster but are not ready for the bigger coasters yet. It’s smooth, has a small drop at the beginning and it doesn’t go upside down. Minimum Height Requirement.

Shooting Star

The ride starts with a slow climb to the top where you can see all across the County Fair area. Then, when you least expect it, it drops you down, but not just once!. Minimum Height Requirement.

The Smoky Mountain River Rampage

This white water rafting ride is perfect for families. Kids will love the rapids and the cool mist from the water. Minimum Height Requirement.

The Dizzy Disk

I personally have not gone on this carnival ride because I get dizzy just looking at it. My kids have not gone on it either. But if your kiddo is brave enough to go on it, it does what the name says!. The seats face outward and the ride glides back and forth while simultaneously spinning in circles. Minimum Height Requirement.

Remember that these are just some of the rides you will find at Dollywood.
The park is also know for its kid friendly zones, playgrounds and activities that are great for the littlest adventurers in the family. These areas are designed to provide a safe and fun environment for kiddos to play and explore, while also giving you a chance to relax for a little bit.

Enjoy, make amazing memories together and have fun!.

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