Even though Dollywood is made to be enjoyed by the entire family, some attractions have height requirements to keep kiddos safe.

If you are planning a trip to Dolly Parton’s Charming Theme Park in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, knowing which attractions may be off limits can help avoid meltdowns and heartbreak when you are in the park.

Dollywood Ride Height Requirements

Dollywood’s Centralized Measuring Station

Dollywood’s Centralized Measuring Station Should be your first stop after you scan your ticket if you have young explorers. Trust me,  It will save you time later on!.

Where is The Measuring Station Located?

The Centralized Measuring Station is conveniently located next to the Dollywood Emporium (After you scan your ticket, make a left).

Who Should visit the Measuring Station?

Families with kiddos who are under 48 inches in height or those who want to know which rides their kids can 100% ride. 

What is The Role of Dollywood Hosts?

 Dollywood’s hosts at the Measuring Station are there to measure kids accurately.
Once that’s done, the host will give the kids a color-coded wristbands and you will also be given a paper that tells you which rides are appropriate for each of your kids!

Understanding Color-Coded Wristbands

How The Color-Coded Wristband System Works

The color of the wristband helps you quickly identify whether your kiddo can get on a particular ride/attraction.

Once you are in line for a ride, the wristband also helps the host know your kiddo can get on that specific ride and it avoids having to measure your excited explorer again.

Wristbands Match Ride Color Signs

At each ride, there are signs with the same color-coding as the wristbands. These signs tell you the minimum height requirement for that specific ride, and the matching wristband color that meets the height requirement, so you can easily find which rides your kids can go on.

On The Following chart, we break down exactly which attractions do, and do not, have any height restrictions. ( Color Coded The Same Way You Will Find Them On Each Attraction around the park. )

At Least 55′′Drop Line
At Least 50′′Wild Eagle
At Least 48′′Tennessee Tornado
At Least 48′′Dizzy Disk
At Least 48′′Lightning Rod
At Least 48′′Barnstormer
At Least 48′′Mystery Mine
At Least 48′′Thunderhead
At Least 42′′Blazing Fury
At Least 42′′Daredevil Falls
At Least 42′′Demolition Derby
At Least 42′′Sky Rider
At Least 42′′The Waltzing Swinger
At Least 40′′Lumberjack Lifts
At Least 39′′Dragonflier
At Least 39′′Big Bear Mountain
At Least 39′′FireChaser Express
At Least 36′′Black Bear Trail
At Least 36′′Shooting Star
At Least 36′′Whistle Punk Chaser
At Least 36′′Great Tree Swing
At Least 36′′The Mad Mockingbird
At Least 36′′The Scrambler
At Least 36′′Smoky Mountain River
At Least 36′′Rampage
No Minimum HeightDollywood Express
No Minimum HeightBusy Bees
No Minimum HeightLucky Ducky
No Minimum HeightPiggy Parade
No Minimum HeightLemon Twist
No Minimum HeightThe Amazing Flying Elephants
No Minimum HeightRockin’ Roadway
No Minimum HeightTreetop Tower
No Minimum HeightVillage Carousel
No Minimum HeightFrogs & Fireflies
No Minimum HeightFirehouse Fun Yard
No Minimum HeightGranny’s Garden, Pig Pen, Lil’ Pilots Playground
No Minimum HeightHidden Hollow
No Minimum HeightWildwood Creek

Additional Rider Requirements 

Besides the minimum height requirements, some rides at Dollywood have specific rules, like Additional Rider requirements. Here are two examples;

Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby ride has a rule that drivers must be at least 48 inches tall. This means that kiddos who are under 48 inches can’t drive and must be with someone who meets the height requirement.

Sky Rider and The Waltzing Swinger

Riders who are under 48 inches must be with someone who is at least 14 years old. 

Click Here to Download Dollywood’s Height Ride Requirements Chart!

Tips For Making the Most of Your Visit

Measure Your Child at Home

Before heading to Dollywood, measure your kids height at home using a measuring tape.
This can help you have a general idea of which rides they could go on.

Height Can Change

Kids grow quickly!. If your kiddo is close to the minimum height requirement but doesn’t quite make it on that visit, they might be tall enough on your next visit. Always have them measured before you start your day at the park.

Look for The Parent Swap Option

Dollywood has Parent Swap Options on most rides. Its really easy and free to use. The entire family goes and waits in the line for the ride together. One parent will wait with the kiddo that is not riding, while the other parent rides. Then you switch without having to wait and do the whole line again.

Download the Dollywood App

I recommend downloading the Dollywood App before you head to the park. It has really helpful features like a park GPS that gives you directions to rides from where you are standing at the moment, show schedules, current ride wait times and all the height requirement info.

We’d love to hear from you – Have you used the Measuring Station at Dollywood?

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to ask. We will do our best to help you out. Enjoy your visit to Dollywood and Have Fun!

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